Incorporation of Companies

We work very closely with the business sector and play a key role in helping the business owners and chief executives to select the type of business organizational setup that best suits their business needs. We provide consultations on the pros and cons of organizing as C Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Limited Partnership (LP), We also explain the advantages of corporate form as a separate legal entity. Shareholders have limited liability and corporate existence continues although stock ownership changes, since corporate ownership is freely transferable. We draft and file all the required documents like articles of incorporation. We guide you to keep your Corporation resolutions and other documents intact and explain to you the legal importance of maintaining Corporations’ documents updated. We also guide you on how the board of directors and common shareholders may amend or adopt bylaws by majority vote. The bylaws of a corporation must not conflict with its articles or state law.

Commercial Transactions/Contracts

Our experienced attorney will help you in drafting, reviewing & negotiating contracts and leases and offer legal advice on all contract-related issues. Our law firm can professionally handle any corporate related transactions and provide you the best advice.

Mergers and Acquisitions/Consolidations

A merger is the absorption of one corporation by another corporation whereupon the absorbed corporation ceases to exist as a distinct corporate entity. A consolidation occurs when through the union of two or more corporations a new corporate entity is formed. Certain procedures are required by state statute to assure the protection of all interests identified by the corporations involved in a merger or consolidation.

Disputes, Arbitrations and Litigations

In the business world, hard work is the key to structuring profitable business deals. No matter how carefully you prepare, unfortunately in today’s world, many such business deals and contracts end up being litigated. Since litigation is unpleasant, expensive, cumbersome, time consuming, distracting from your business goals, potentially damaging to your reputation, we work very hard to keep you and your business safe and foolproof. We advise steps to prevent commercial disputes from occurring. But, when these do occur, we work very closely with our clients for resolutions and try arbitrations, mediations and friendly negotiations to resolve the controversies. However, in case the litigation is slapped on our corporate clients, we represent them zealously.