Client Reviews

Posted by anonymous
October 10, 2017
Application for a work visa
Ramesh Khurana responded promptly even from his vacation time to any question arising, performed a very thorough preparatory work in order to have a quick and positive decision in the end. He gave excellent, prompt, very much to the point advice, was not waisting any time on superfluous issues but focused on and followed through the key priorities in the entire process. His work was congratulated upon by all professionals who followed my process, too. He did an excellent and very efficient job, worthy to be top of his profession!

Posted by Sanyam
October 5, 2017
I recommend him a 100%
He is tge best out there. He was recommended to me by family.. And the unusual trait about Mr. Khurrana being an attorney is that he treats ur case like its his own family case. Thank you so much uncle.

Posted by Julia
September 28, 2017
Exceptional immigration attorney
We contacted Mr. Khurana for immigration assistance. He was very knowledgeable, efficient and professional. He was also very supportive and worked around our schedule. He briefed us in advance on the entire process and was with us at every step. HE AND HIS STAFF ARE EXCEPTIONAL.

Posted by Abdul
September 26, 2017
Excellent work
Mr.Khuranas documentation service is excellent , I went to India for my H1 stamping and my interview was great and I am waiting for my passport from consulate, all of a sudden I received an email from uscis asking for further documentation immediately I met Mr. Khurana through one of my friend and I have really less time to submit documentation because I have to attend back to my work ,Mr.khurana helped me by making documentation as quickly as possible and also effectively, after submission of my documentation my rfe was cleared. Finally I rate Mr. Khuranas service as excellent in making documentation effectively and as quickly as possible.

Posted by Sanjana
September 25, 2017
Lawyer Khurana
He is an excellent lawyer and a great human being. He is extremely professional and answer all the questions in a very appropriate manner.

Posted by Raj
August 28, 2017
Excellent service True professionalism.
Mr khurana is a through professional ,he is very punctual,every thing is done on time,he is very prompt if you leave a message you will hear back from him same day for sure.I was the one who will not provide the required documents on time.but he wd motivate & explain the importance of it & bring the positive results.price wise he is very economical .I am very thankful to God that I met Mr Khurana .He Resolved my case with best expected results.I will strongly recommend him to others .Thankyou mr Khurana & God bless you

Posted by Manoj
August 14, 2017
I am glad that I was represented by Mr. Khurana who is very knowledgeable , professional and helpful. Mr. Khurana’s legal advice and guidance were of great help. Mr. Khurana and staff answered all my queries promptly throughout our long jorney of more than 14 years.

Posted by viral
August 14, 2017
TN1 Visa approved
Hired The khurana Law Firm for TN visa. Very pleased with Khurana Law firm. From the first conversation with Ramesh Khurana who was very knowledge and friendly, through all the on-going communication with wonderful staff. i must say Mr Khurana is one of the best professional and compassionate lawyers i have ever meet. with all his knowledge about TN visa. Mr khuarana made TN visa process so much easy and Quickly.
Without any hesitation, i will recommend the services of The Khurana Law Firm to anyone seeking immigration help because I have experienced the services that was given By the Law Firm.

Posted by anonymous
August 12, 2017
Best and Most Experienced and highly ethical attorney
I and wife are very fortunate to have hired attorney Ramesh Khurana as our immigration attorney. We see him as our best friend and philosopher. He is not only a great attorney but a great human being as well. he calls us or return our calls or emails 24/7. he is even available in the late eveings and weekens. we hired him for Tn Visa petition and TD for wife and child. my entire family is very thankful to mr. khurana for his as an opportunity to thank mr.khurana and his team for the best legal services, prompt responses, counselling and a very passionate guidance.
We would recommend khurana law farm to persons that are looking for legal help with immigration services, where you get to have direct contact with your attoney and are always on email/phone call away to reach in a few minutes. God bless this law firm! i have recommended this law farm to my several friends and all of them have given us excellent reports.

Posted by Yi
August 10, 2017
Review on my H1b Application done by Ramesh Khurana
I worked with Ramesh on my H1B application this year, I got the recommendation from my co-workers who were all being helped by him in the past years. He did a great job helping me prepare all the materials and very patient when I got questions or confusions. We discussed through phone calls and emails.
Everything was so clear under his guide and help through out the whole application process. He let me know at the first time when I was picked in the lottery as well as when I received the approve notice. He did an excellent job! I will also recommend him in the future

Posted by Syed
July 30, 2017
Excellent Experience!
Mr. Khurana has always provided us with excellent advice for matters pertaining to immigration. His way of handling matters greatly increases my peace of mind since I know he is handling my case. Mr. Khurana has been our first choice for immigration attorney and will always be. Thank you Mr. Khurana for what you do for your clients.

Posted by pratap
July 26, 2017
Best Immigration lawyer ever
We enlisted the services of Ramesh khurana for our firm’s immigration needs. He is most dedicated human being I have ever met. He goes above and beyond to help you with immigration matters and makes everything as easy as possible.
He is very knowledgeable and experienced and responds to your questions with detailed answers in a timely fashion.
He was able to guide us on complex immigration matters with ease and confidence. We are impressed with him from day 1 and felt comfortable trusting him with our legal/ immigration matters.
Highly recommend Ramesh Khurana to anyone.

Posted by srikanth kashyap
July 22, 2017
H4 EAD Approval
I would rate a 5 star. All Deadlines of my case, to meet H4 and H4 Ead requirements were accomplished and today got my H4 ead Approval.
To start with, my case is relatively complicated as previous attorney/company filed h1b after I-94 expiry, resulted in Unlawful presence by 178 days. 2 days less than 3 year ban. All the necessary information is given at right time by Mr. Khurana and the response was always prompt. Left USA in time and got visa approved in india and re-entered USA with good guidance by Khurana Law Firm. I recommend his excellent services…

Posted by Vimal
July 22, 2017
Right choice for immigration matters
I have my old attorney was close his office. And I get my medical for my i485 and I was call mr.Khurana He took my case and see every detail before he forward the file to USCIS he will satisfy and I was get my green card even without interview. Thanks a lot after 12 year I got my green card. finally I become us permanent resident

Posted by Ron
July 18, 2017
AOS filing
Mr. Ramesh helped me process my GC application. Ramesh is very knowledgeable about immigration. I would highly recommend him for immigration services.

Posted by Corina
July 17, 2017
Fast and efficient visa process
Ramesh helped with my H1-B visa twice and both times the process was smooth and timely. He is very thorough and makes sure he covers all bases before submitting the application. I have a very good experience working with him and would recommend him to anybody dealing with visa issues.

Posted by Hamid
July 14, 2017
Unparalleled service
Mr Ramesh is an outstanding communicator, in addition to being a professional attorney. At our first session, he outlined the roadmap that would be required to achieve our goals. He then ensured we understood and were ready to take up our responsibilities. Then came the actual document and file preparation where at every step he explained the purpose of each and the details that were required. His responses to our questions came within hours, any time during the day and evenings – no time was wasted because of work hours. The staff in his office were also fully knowledgeable in the status of our case and provided accurate updates when requested, as they also helped in the preparation of the file. This was an immigration case and so was impacted by the atmosphere in the country (US), but even then Mr Ramesh’s expectations stayed in line with realities: no wishful expectations or false promises. We would recommend him to any person seeking immigration assistance and guidance.

Posted by anonymous
June 4, 2017
Immaculate Immigration Attorney
Ramesh is very knowledgeable in the field of immigration. He takes up all the work upfront and does not leave anything to chance.
He covers every possible aspect of the case and gathers the needed documentation. He works round the clock and makes you feel that he is by your side. Both his work and tone are assuring.

Posted by Kiran
June 2, 2017
The best and most knowledgeable immigration attorney.
Me and my wife are very fortunate to get connected with Mr, Khurana to discuss and seek legal help related to my wife’s legal status issues. We initially contacted Mr. Khurana over the phone and briefly discussed the legal status issue that my wife was going through. By the time we met Mr. Khurana for the initial consultation, he had already thoroughly gone through our case & provided us with best options for our scenario. (We met with 3 or 4 other attorneys prior to contacting Mr. Khurana and none of them didn’t mention about any of these options).
Without a second thought, we hired Mr. Khurana and immediately started the process. I must mention about prompt, fast and professional services of him and his staff. Throughout the process, they provided the prompt and timely response. Mr. Khurana was always easy to reach out for any questions and doubts that we had. He listened to all of our questions very patiently and provided best answers. He clearly explained us of approach, timelines, costs involved – prior to starting any of the processes and steps. End result – with Mr. Khurana’s legal advice and professional legal services, we are very fortunate to resolve our legal status issues. My family is very thankful to Mr, Khurana for his valuable legal services provided to us.
We want to take this as an opportunity to thank Mr. Khurana and his team for the best legal services, prompt responses, hospitality, counsellings, friendliness…
We would recommend Khurana Law firm to anyone that is looking for legal advice and/or legal help with immigration services, where you get to have direct contact with your attorney and are always an email/phone call away to reach.

Posted by Panha Solutions Inc
May 31, 2017
H1B and Green Card
Attorney Ramesh Khurana is a sharp, straight-forward strategist who represented me in the highest form of professionalism and authenticity. His kindness, attention to detail, and persistence in all aspects, embody his genuine character and passion for success. The team at Khurana Law is made up of individuals who go above

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Peer Reviews

Devendra Pradhan on Mar 5, 2016
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I endorse this lawyer because he is a very knowledgeable and experienced attorney in immigration area. I have known Ramesh since my law school days. For more than 15 years, I found Remesh to be a hard-working and detail oriented attorney. Ramesh is a person of high integrity. I highly recommend him.
Alexandra Monroy, Immigration Attorney
on Sep 15, 2015
Relationship: Friend
I have known Ramesh since my law school days, he was aggressively participating in class. As a practitioner he is reliable especially in business immigration, I have referred him clients that required assistance with business matters.
Narinder Kathuria, Immigration Attorney
on Aug 26, 2015
Relationship: Worked together on matter
I endorse this lawyer. I have worked on some complex immigration matters with Mr. Khurana and found him very knowledgeable, articulate and highly professional. I am happy to endorse him to anyone who is looking for a good attorney who is not only excellent in his field of practice but also cares for his clients.
Cynthia Katz, Immigration Attorney
on Aug 21, 2015
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I endorse Mr. Ramesh Khurana because he practices law with integrity, keen insight, attention to details, and compassion.

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